ecoLace Fishnets
ecoLace Fishnets
ecoLace Fishnets
ecoLace Fishnets

ecoLace Fishnets

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Dirty Biker Design ecoLace Fishnets™ Description

ecoLace Fishnets™ are made from a blend of 5 high quality certified sustainable fabrics. Choose between small diamond pattern or medium hexagon patterns.

Check on each of the 5  high quality certified sustainable fabrics if you'd like to learn more about each one:

1. Tencel (~37%)

2. Sorona (~37%) 

3. Naia (~16%)

4. Ethically-Sourced Mulberry Silk (~5%)

5. Recycled Spandex (~5%)

It is luxuriously soft, amazingly stretchy & incredibly strong & durable. While most fishnet tights will break the very first time you wear them, ours are capable of being worn many times before encountering any sort of breakage.

Not only is this blend strong & resilient, but it is also ultimately biodegradable, which means it will naturally decompose in its final resting place within a reasonable period of time (about 30 years, depending on the environment).

In contrast, Nylon lasts for hundreds of years in the natural environment, if not indefinitely. Nylon breaks down incredibly slowly over the course of a very long period of time & releases micro-plastics into the environment as it does so.


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